Spring Shop Hop

Flowering Roots (Teen-Young Adult)

July 14th

1:00 pm

There are 4 Flowering Roots classes for teens and young adults who want to become proficient in the kitchen. Each class builds off of each other, but they can also be taken separately! Along with the themes listed below, each class will have hands-on cooking for each participant! Recipes are yet to be determined. There will also be time for eating what was made during class! Registration is separate for each class! The classes are listed below simply to show the progression of each of the 4 classes!

Class 1 June 14th: Kitchen Hygiene and Methods of Cooking $50

Class 2 June 29th: Methods of Cooking; Stocking a Pantry; Spices $50

Class 3 July 3rd: Meal Prep/Planning; Cooking with what is on Hand $50

Class 4 July 14th: Hosting, Etiquette, Plating, Decor $50